Main features

  • Advanced server-side APIImproved!
  • Day, week, month, year, timeline and other viewsUpdated!
  • Customizable time scalesNew!
  • Touch screen support
  • Popup mini-calendar
  • Integration with Google Maps
  • Simple drag-and-drop
  • Recurring events supportUpdated!
  • Localization to multiple languages

About DHTMLX JavaPlanner

DHTMLX JavaPlanner is a new Java web calendar control based on the JavaScript dhtmlxScheduler. The JavaPlanner offers multiple useful features and quite simple customization capabilities.

It is pretty lightweight, agile in action and simple in use both for Java newbies and Java guru.

With JavaPlanner you can create attractive Outlook-like and Google-like web event calendars and multiple schedulers per page.

Demo samples on seamless integration with Grails, Struts, Spring MVC and JSP are available for download.


Recent blog posts

November 06, 2014
We are sorry to inform you that we have discontinued the development of our web control DHTMLX JavaPlanner.
October 25, 2013
DHTMLX JavaPlanner is now distributed under GNU GPL v.3. You can get a free Standard Edition of DHTMLX JavaPlanner v.1.5 for any GPL-ed project.